Media Coverage Opportunities

for Open and GrandSlam Latin and Standard in Belgrade

We invite members of the media to join us and provide extensive coverage of these thrilling competitions. There are several options available to facilitate your media coverage:

Press Accreditation

Media professionals can apply for press accreditation by sending an email request to

Please include your name, organization, and contact information.

Backstage Access Pass (BAP)

The Backstage Access Pass is an invaluable tool for production companies and various media entities seeking access to restricted zones during the competition to get “behind the scenes” content during the course of the event. Holders of this accreditation will enjoy exclusive advantages and responsibilities.

To learn more about purchasing the BAP for this event, please visit WDSF Backstage Access Pass.

Filming Permission License

For those interested in recording the competition, a Filming Permission License is available. This license grants permission to film all rounds up to the quarter-finals of the Latin and Standard GrandSlam, as well as the entire Open competition for Latin and Standard.

For additional information on this option or to explore the possibility of broadcasting the event, please contact us via email at

We look forward to having you join us at our Latin and Standard events and appreciate your commitment to sharing the excitement of DanceSport with the world.