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1st and 2nd October 2022
WDSF World Open Latin and Standard


For all the participants of competition, dance club “Beo Dance” provided a special discount for accommodation.
Reservations of accommodation at discount rates can be made only through the official e-mail address:
beodance@eunet.rs | bgples@eunet.rs


1st – 2nd October 2022

Saturday 1st October

• 6 dances Basic/only:
(W, TG, Q, SA, CCC, JV ) for Juvenile; Junior I; Junior II;
• 5 dances Basic/only:
Juvenile LA; Junior I ST; Junior II LA
• WDSF Rasing Stars Open Latin
• WDSF Junior I Open Latin
• WDSF Junior II Open Latin
• WDSF Youth Open Standard
• WDSF World Open Amateur Standard

Sunday 2nd October

• 8 dances Basic/only:
(SA, CCC, RU, JV, W, T, WW, Q ) for Juvenile;
Junior I; Junior II
• 5 dances Basic/only:
Juvenile ST; Junior I LA; Junior II ST
• WDSF Rising Stars Open Standard
• WDSF Junior I Open Standard
• WDSF Junior II Open Standard
• WDSF Youth Open Latin
• WDSF World Open Amateur Latin

Contact Us

DANCE STUDIO BEODANCE | Gospodar Jovanova 22 | 11000 Belgrade, Serbia


+381 11 328 39 46


BeoDance World Open 2022

Organized by:
Dance Club BEO DANCE
Dance Sport Federation of Serbia